Do Pickleball Clothes Matter? An Honest Guide

Pickleball unites players worldwide with its simplicity and fun.

But, do pickleball clothes matter? And if it does then by how much?

Many overlook this aspect. They focus more on the racket or the game strategy.

Yet, the right attire can enhance player comfort and performance. In this article, we will delve into the relevance of pickleball clothes.

Do pickleball clothes matter

We aim to enlighten you on their importance and guide you in making the best choices. Join us as we bounce into this exciting topic!

Do pickleball clothes matter?

Comfort and Mobility

Yes, pickleball clothes matter a lot in the game. One important way is through the comfort and mobility they provide. The clothes you wear should not restrict your movement. Opt for loose clothing that lets you move freely.

Tight and restrictive clothing can affect the execution of your shots. Moreover, heavy clothes may slow down your pace on the court. On the other hand, lighter clothes help you move quickly and effortlessly.

Championing the Right Material

The material of your pickleball clothes is also a crucial factor to consider. Synthetic fabrics, like polyester or nylon, are often the recommendation.

Why? These fabrics have excellent moisture-wicking properties. They draw sweat away from your body, helping to keep you dry throughout the match.

On the contrary, cotton fabrics tend to absorb your sweat. This absorption can make your clothes heavy and leave you feeling uncomfortable.

Protective Properties

Additionally, the right pickleball outfit can also provide you with some protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Dark-colored clothes are known for their ability to provide a shield against UV rays.

Furthermore, additional accessories like hats or visors can also come in handy. They can prevent potentially disruptive sun glare while also providing additional sun protection.

To sum it up, dressing in appropriate pickleball attire significantly contributes to enhancing your performance and the overall enjoyment of the game.

What clothing is recommended for pickleball?

When playing pickleball, the right attire matters. You need comfort. Also, you need free movement. Let’s discuss suitable clothing.

What clothing is recommended for pickleball

Comfortable Tops

Starting with the tops, choose one that promotes breathability. When you’re moving a lot during pickleball, you’re bound to sweat.

Tops made from moisture-absorbing materials such as polyester, nylon, or other synthetic blends can be more lightweight, comfortable, and capable of whisking off sweat, keeping you dry during the game.

Depending upon the weather, you can choose between short-sleeved or long-sleeved tops.

Bottoms for Mobility

Moving onto the bottoms, shorts are the most popular and practical choice. They allow a free range of leg movements which is crucial for this sport.

You may choose either traditional or athletic shorts; both work fine. For those uncomfortable with shorts, sport-friendly skirts or skorts serve to be both stylish and functional options.

Footwear for Grip

Footwear plays an important role in pickleball. Avoid running shoes as they lack lateral support leading to possible injuries during the game.

Always opt for court shoes designed for quick, lateral movements. They provide the right grip and stability needed to maneuver on the court.

Layers for Cold Weather

If you’re playing in cold weather, dressing in layers is recommended. A lightweight jacket that does not restrict movement is ideal. Jackets made from breathable fabrics can keep moisture away from your body.

Hats or Visors

For sunny days, it is advisable to wear a hat or visor. These accessories not only provide shade from the bright sunlight but also prevent any potential vision hindrance during the game.

Hats or Visors

Innerwear and Extras

Comfortable innerwear made of fast-drying material is a must. Avoid cotton since it retains moisture. Also, always carry a change of clothes. Post-game, you will appreciate having a dry set of clothes to change into.

Comfort is Key

Regardless of what you decide to wear, remember that comfort and functionality are key. The color or brand of your outfit does not improve your game; your comfort and ability to move freely do.

Dress in a way that makes you feel good, offers comfort, and lets you perform at your best on the court. In all, proper attire can significantly enhance your pickleball experience and game performance.

It is always worthwhile to invest time and care in selecting your game outfit. So, don’t rush. Discover what works best for your needs and preferences.

Pickleball clothing brands

Let’s talk about the top brands for pickleball attire.

Pickleball clothing brands


Wilson ranks high among the sportswear brands. They offer a range of pickleball wear. The brand aims at comfort. They make sure to put a focus on quality.

Wilson provides a wide range of sizes. Their products feature moisture-absorbing technology. They have a mix of stylish and functional designs.


Adidas is well known in the sports world. They offer many sports clothing options. The brand gives importance to fabric and fit. Their range of athletic tops and bottoms is popular.

They use Climalite fabric. This fabric is light. It also keeps athletes dry. Adidas shoes are also liked by pickleball players. They offer good grip and support.

Under Armour

Under Armour has plenty to offer. They design clothes to assist athletes. Their range is vast. Their products boost performance. They use a special fabric. This fabric dissipates heat and sweat. This provides comfort to the wearer. They offer a wide range of sizes. The range of color options is also wide.


Fila is another top pick. They offer athletic wear that is light and comfortable. Their fabrics are breathable. They also absorb sweat well. Fila ensures great fit. They offer mobility. They have a variety of colors and styles.

New Balance

New Balance is famous for their footwear. They offer great court shoes. It’s a favorite among pickleball players. The shoes give good grip and side support. They also ensure cushioning for comfort. New Balance shoes are long-lasting. They offer a range of styles from bold to minimal.


Nike stands out in the sports world. They offer high-quality sportswear. Their designs are innovative. They assure great fit and comfort. Their Dri-FIT technology is famous. It wicks away sweat. It keeps the player dry. Nike offers a range of sizes and designs.

Choosing the right brand for pickleball attire is important. The brands mentioned above are reliable. They offer a mix of comfort, style, and athletic performance.

Each brand has its specialties. You need to find what works for you. Test out each brand. Find the comfort and fit you like. Then you can make a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you wear tennis clothes for pickleball?

Yes, you can wear tennis clothes for pickleball. Both sports involve a lot of movement. So, they require similar types of clothing. This includes breathable tops and bottoms. Clothing that allows freedom of movement is ideal. Therefore, tennis clothes can function well for pickleball.

Can you wear sneakers for pickleball?

It would be best if you did not wear sneakers for pickleball. Sneakers lack the necessary lateral support. They are not designed for quick, side-to-side movements. That is crucial in pickleball. Wear court shoes instead.

Can I wear cross training shoes for pickleball?

Cross training shoes can be an acceptable choice for pickleball. They are designed for a variety of athletic activities. Yet, they might lack specific features necessary for pickleball. This includes optimal grip and lateral support. It is still best to use shoes designed specifically for court sports.

What shorts are best for pickleball?

The best shorts for pickleball are those that offer ease of movement. Lightweight, breathable shorts are ideal. Athletic shorts or traditional sports shorts would both work well. Shorts made from moisture-absorbing fabric can help you stay dry.

Do pickleball clothes matter for beginners?

Yes, pickleball clothes do matter for beginners. Proper attire supports comfort and free movement. These aspects are important for any player, especially beginners. The right clothes don’t restrict movement. They also prevent unnecessary discomfort. This helps beginners focus on learning rather than discomfort.


Pickleball clothes do matter. They affect comfort and function on the court. The right clothes boost performance. Lack of comfort can distract. Proper grip shoes are key. They prevent injury.

Breathable clothes help in managing sweat. They keep you dry. Hence, put some thought into your pickleball wear. Pick comfort and functionality over style. Achieve the best game play with clothes suited for pickleball.

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