What is an atp in pickleball? (Know the Game Better)

What is an atp in pickleball? all you need to know
What is an atp in pickleball?

Here’s a deep dive into one of the most intriguing skills in Pickleball – the Around-The-Post (ATP) shot.

Regardless of whether you’re a newcomer just getting to grips with the game or an experienced player, an understanding of the ATP shot can open new dimensions to the way you view, and play, Pickleball.

This article seeks to shed light on what constitutes an ATP in Pickleball, its strategic implications, and ways to master this game-changing shot.

What is an atp in pickleball?

The term ATP in pickleball refers to the ‘Around-The-Post’ shot, a highly strategic and skillful move that can give a player a significant advantage during gameplay. The ATP shot allows a player to hit the ball around the net post, rather than over the net, when the ball has landed wide off the court.

The key is that the ball must be in the air and outside the plane of the net when struck. The rules of pickleball permit this shot, and the ball is considered ‘in play’ as long as it lands within the opposing team’s court boundaries.

Effectively executing an ATP shot requires precision, timing, and a strong understanding of the rules and geometry of the game. Players must be fast and flexible to reach the ball and position their body correctly to make the shot.

The ATP in pickleball is not just a spectacular shot but also a powerful tool in the arsenal of advanced players, capable of breaking up even the most fortified defenses. Mastering this shot can significantly increase a player’s competitive edge and transform the dynamics of both singles and doubles matches.

How to do an ATP pickleball?

To successfully execute an ATP (Around-The-Post) shot in pickleball, carefully follow these detailed steps:

How to do an ATP pickleball
  1. Anticipate and evaluate the shot opportunity: Monitor the ball’s trajectory and determine if it’s wide enough to justify an ATP shot instead of a regular over-the-net return.
  2. Prepare your footing: Once you’ve identified the ATP opportunity, quickly move into position—ideally with your dominant foot forward—while maintaining your balance. Align your body with both the net post and the ball’s projected path.
  3. Hold the paddle correctly: Ensure you hold your paddle with a continental grip, which allows for better wrist movement and precise control over the direction and spin of the ball.
  4. Bend your knees and get low: Bend your knees and lower your center of gravity. This posture improves balance and reach, enabling you to hit the ball from a lower trajectory.
  5. Track the ball and time the shot: Keep your eye on the ball as it approaches and focus on its trajectory to anticipate where it will cross the net post. Timing is critical for a successful ATP shot.
  6. Swing the paddle: As the ball reaches an optimal point, initiate a smooth and controlled swing with the paddle. The objective is to generate enough spin and speed to send the ball around the net post while still landing it within the opponent’s court boundaries.
  7. Apply topspin or sidespin: To increase the chances of the ball landing inbounds, apply topspin or sidespin by brushing the paddle’s surface against the ball at the point of impact. This spin will curve the ball’s trajectory downward, making it harder for opponents to return the shot.
  8. Follow through and recover: After hitting the ball, follow through with your swing, making sure your body weight shifts appropriately in the process. Once the shot is complete, quickly recover and reposition yourself on the court to prepare for the next point.

Executing a successful ATP shot requires consistent practice to improve timing, footwork, paddle control, and ball placement. However, as you refine your technique, this skillful shot will prove invaluable in pickleball matches.

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The ATP (Around-The-Post) shot in pickleball is not only an impressive move, but also a powerful strategy that can elevate a player’s game significantly. By understanding the principles behind the shot, mastering the required technique, and diligently practicing, it’s possible to incorporate this game-changer into one’s skillset.

The rewards of these efforts will be evident, as the ATP shot can often catch opponents off guard and create winning opportunities. Embrace the challenge and take your pickleball game to new heights with this dynamic and exciting shot.

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