What Paddle Does Thomas Wilson Use? An Honest Guide

Pickleball’s rising popularity has its enthusiasts looking up to professional players for equipment choices, particularly paddles—the cornerstone of the game.

Thomas Wilson, a renowned name in the pickleball community, has his preferences set on a particular paddle, which might come as a beacon for those looking to step up their game.

In this article we will talk about what paddle does Thomas Wilson use?

So, let’s delve into his choice of paddle and what makes his choice stand out in the competitive landscape of pickleball equipment.

What Paddle Does Thomas Wilson Use

What Paddle Does Thomas Wilson Use?

When it comes to the paddle that sets Wilson apart, the CRBN 1X 12MM is the weapon of choice.

A paddle isn’t just a slab of material; it’s an extension of the player, a conduit for skill, and a tool for victory. The CRBN 1X 12MM is no exception, boasting technical merit that complements Wilson’s aggressive playing style.

This paddle features a foam reinforced perimeter, which allows for a solid hit every time the ball makes contact. The upgraded durable core within provides a degree of control and stability that players require during a rigorous match.

The paddle’s size and weight are in perfect harmony, striking a balance that provides the user with the ability to swing with power without sacrificing maneuverability.

Each feature of the CRBN 1X 12MM paddle contributes to why it’s a fit for champions like Wilson. Its design caters to the aggressive baseline play and swift net action, with a touch of responsiveness that professional players appreciate.

Why Choose the Same Paddle as Thomas Wilson?

The reason behind using a professional’s choice of paddle goes beyond mere emulation. It’s about understanding how these finely crafted tools can elevate one’s game.

The CRBN 1X 12MM paddle offers benefits such as improved ball control and reduced vibration, thanks to its core construction.

These features are crucial for players who aim to dominate the game like Wilson. It’s not just replicating a champion’s choices; it’s about making an informed decision for improving one’s own game.

How to Get the Most Out of Your CRBN 1X 12MM

Owning a paddle that boasts professional approval is just the starting point. To truly benefit from the CRBN 1X 12MM, proper maintenance is key.

That involves regular cleaning, careful handling, and adequate storage. The paddle’s life span and performance depend largely on how well it is taken care of.

How to Get the Most Out of Your CRBN 1X 12MM

Moreover, aligning playing techniques to match the paddle’s design can result in a significant improvement in performance. It’s not just about powerful strikes but also intelligent plays that the paddle endorses.

Therefore, spending time to understand the paddle’s characteristics and adapting one’s style can make a significant impact on the game.

Evolution of Pickleball Paddles

A Brief History of Pickleball Paddle Development

The evolution of pickleball paddles mirrors the growth of the sport. Early paddles were conjured from plywood, often sourced from boatyard scraps. They were bulky, heavy, and lacked the refined response of today’s offerings.

The development of paddles from these wooden models to sophisticated designs paralleled the progression of the sport from a backyard pastime to a professional competitive game.

Advancements in material technology ushered in lighter, sturdier paddles made of composite materials that promised better game control and response.

Technological Advancements in Paddle Design

Over the years, advances in paddle design have pushed the game to new heights. Modern paddles leverage technology such as polymer cores for lower vibration and increased control, carbon fiber or graphite surfaces for responsiveness, and fiberglass for a power-packed performance.

The grip design has also improved, offering comfortable, sweat-resistant handles that ensure a firm grip during intense games. These technological developments have empowered players with versatile, dynamic paddle options that help optimize their performance on the court.

They symbolize the transformation of pickleball equipment from rudimentary tools to strategically designed game enhancers carrying the essence of player personas.

Future of Pickleball

Future of Pickleball

Pickleball: The Road Ahead

Pickleball stands at the cusp of global acclaim, transitioning from a North American pastime to an internationally recognized sport. Its simplistic allure, combined with a low barrier to entry, forecasts a trajectory of exponential growth.

As it spreads across continents, professional opportunities burgeon—with leagues, sponsorships, and professional circuits gaining prominence. The sport’s inclusion in multi-sport events and potential consideration for the Olympics could redefine its future, enhancing its profile and attracting a wider audience.

Emerging Trends in Pickleball Equipment

As pickleball evolves, so does its equipment. The near future may witness the advent of smart paddles equipped with sensors and connectivity to track performance metrics and offer real-time feedback. Lightweight, durable materials offering superior control and power could set new standards for playability.

Additionally, eco-friendly, sustainable manufacturing processes might become the norm, catering to environmentally conscious players. These innovative approaches to equipment design promise to elevate the game, providing players with unprecedented opportunities to refine their skills and strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What other paddles does Thomas Wilson recommend?

Aside from his signature CRBN 1X 12MM, Wilson has been known to speak favorably of other paddles that meet player-specific needs, emphasizing the importance of a paddle that complements one’s playing style.

How does the CRBN 1X 12MM compare to other paddles in the market?

The CRBN 1X 12MM stands out due to its perfect blend of control, power, and agility. It offers a distinctive edge that is not found in many other paddles, hence its selection by top players like Wilson.

Where can I purchase the CRBN 1X 12MM paddle?

The CRBN 1X 12MM paddle can be purchased through various sports retailers both online and in physical stores. It’s essential to buy from reputable vendors to ensure authenticity and warranty.

Can beginners use the CRBN 1X 12MM effectively?

While the paddle is designed for high performance, beginners can certainly benefit from its quality. However, they should be aware that it is a significant investment and there might be other options more suited for learning the basics of the game.


In the realm of pickleball, Thomas Wilson’s name is often spoken with respect. His paddle, the CRBN 1X 12MM, is not just a part of his gear but a symbol of excellence.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a curious beginner, understanding the significance of a good paddle is paramount. Wilson’s choice is a north star for many—a beacon pointing towards what could potentially improve their game and perhaps, their win rate.

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