What Paddle Does Ben Johns Use? An Accurate Guide

When it comes to pickleball, a name that dominates the conversation is Ben Johns. Ben’s success and stardom rise from his talent on the court and the gear he swears by.

However, it will be interesting to know what paddle does Ben Johns use on a regular basis?

Honestly, this is one piece of equipment he’s famous for using is his paddle.

Understanding his paddle choice’s significance can help both beginners and seasoned players enhance their game.

What Paddle Does Ben Johns Use

What Paddle Does Ben Johns Use?

The central piece heading Ben’s gear collection is his go-to paddle, the JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16MM Pickleball Paddle.

This paddle has gained popularity and preference among pickleball enthusiasts, mainly because it reflects Ben’s style on the court.

The paddle comprises top-quality materials designed for durability and efficiency. It’s lightweight yet robust, enabling players to serve power-packed shots while maintaining excellent control. The handle is designed to ensure a firm grip even in the heat of the game.

Profile of Ben Johns

Ben Johns stands out as a world-class pickleball champion. His winning streak in various tournaments has been impressive. Fun fact is, Ben became the youngest pro player featured on the cover of “Pickleball Magazine” in 2017.

More than just an accomplished player, Ben Johns is known for a relentless, aggressive playstyle. His slight-of-hand tricks and swift movements are something to watch.

His paddle choice is a significant factor in the fluidity of his game, enabling his unique gameplay and boosting his performance consistently.

Technical Specifications

Diving a step deeper, understanding the technicalities of Ben Johns’ paddle can offer players an insightful gaze into his game mechanism. His endorsed model, the Hyperion CFS, is available in two thickness options — 16mm and 14mm.

The paddle is constructed with Composite Fibre System technology, which offers a perfect mix of control and power while playing.

Technical Specifications

Sports gear design often revolves around creating a balance between strength, weight, and control. With paddle thickness playing a key role in the process, players often select between the two versions based on their unique playstyle. Thick paddles can provide you with more power, while thinner ones handle spins better.

The exchange between power, control, and spin is indisputably seamless when Ben Johns’ paddle swings into motion on the court. This pickleball icon attributes several of his victory shots to his trusty Hyperion.

Reflecting on his experience with the paddle, Ben has emphasized the unparalleled balance it provides, backing his aggressive yet controlled gameplay. He admires that it seems practically custom-made to help him focus on control without hindering hitting power.

User Reviews and Feedback

The paddle’s reputation extends beyond Ben Johns’ endorsement. Amateur pickleball players and professional athletes alike have expressed positive feedback for the Hyperion 16mm. Praises range from its competitive price point to high-quality build and performance-enhancing features.

Note that, according to the manufacturer, users have embraced the 2-5 day delivery duration and appreciated the option to return within 30 days. Thus, the promise of quick access to new gear and the security of a money-back guarantee have won over pickleball enthusiasts.

Ben Johns has always prioritized control, a quality the Hyperion CFS guarantees. His paddle of choice is an extension of his scope and style, maintaining the perfect mix of strength and subtlety. Johns has claimed his paddle choice as one of the most crucial factors contributing to his success on the court.

This particular model is not just any pick from the rack, but a result of extensive testing and John’s personal input. The final product indeed reflects his preferred specs. The paddle is a reflection of the champion’s game, tuned to his specific needs and wants.

Where to Buy Ben Johns’ Paddle

The JOOLA Hyperion CFS is available for purchase at multiple sports retailers. Those interested can also visit the manufacturer’s website for direct purchase. Be sure to look for authentic products to ensure quality and longevity.

Before adopting the JOOLA Hyperion CFS 16MM as his paddle of choice, Ben Johns was synonymous with the Franklin Ben Johns Signature paddle.

This transition marked a pivotal moment in Johns’ playing career, reflecting not just a change in preference but an evolution in his playing style and needs.

Where to Buy Ben Johns' Paddle

The Franklin paddle, while highly regarded for its quality and performance, offered characteristics that suited Johns at an earlier stage of his career.

As he sought to refine his game further, moving to the JOOLA Hyperion CFS 16MM presented an opportunity to utilize advanced materials and technology, providing a blend of power, control, and spin that better aligned with his aggressive playstyle.

This switch underscores the importance of gear evolving alongside an athlete’s skills and strategic approach to their sport.

Perfecting your pickleball game involves honing skills and picking the right gear. Remember that while equipment choices, like Ben Johns’ unique paddle, can set a powerful foundation, your expertise, practice, and determination sail the ship.

Reap the delightful benefits of this sport with the right gear in hand and a heart racing for the win!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes Ben Johns’ paddle different from others?

Ben Johns’ paddle includes a balanced composition of power, control, and spin, ideal for players aiming to master all aspects of the game.

Is Ben Johns’ Paddle suitable for beginners?

Yes, the paddle’s controlled power and consistent performance make it suitable for players at all skill levels.

How does paddle thickness affect play?

Thicker paddles, like the 16mm, can add power to your shots, while thinner versions, like the 14mm, enhance spins and control.

How do you maintain the Ben Johns Hyperion paddle?

Cleaning the paddle’s surface with mild soap and water helps maintain grip and longevity. Ensure to dry the paddle completely to avoid moisture damage.

Can you achieve the same playstyle as Ben Johns with this paddle?

While the paddle definitely enhances play, remember that your skill and practice are of primary importance. Ben’s paddle might not transform you into a pro overnight, but it’s definitely a start!


The paddle isn’t merely gear but a strategic part of a player’s game. Decoding Ben Johns’ paddle choice offers intriguing insights into his gameplay and the role of thoughtful gear selection.

The right paddle might give you the boost needed to enhance your game. So newbie or pro, let Ben Johns’ pickleball wisdom guide you towards your game of a lifetime.

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