What is a Bert in Pickleball? Little-known Pickleball Secret

Delving into the unique terminologies of pickleball, the BERT often bewilders beginners. However, it is an essential aspect to grasp for mastering this intriguing sport.

What is a bert in pickleball? everything you need to know
What is a bert in pickleball

I will explore the concept of BERT – an acronym that has nothing to do with Sesame Street, but everything to do with Pickleball, a sport rich in strategy and complexity.

We will unpack what BERT signifies in pickleball, why it is key to winning more games, and how correctly implementing BERT can enhance your performance drastically.

What is a bert in pickleball?

BERT in the context of pickleball refers to a strategic technique that stands for “Bounce/Hit and Return”. This is not just an aspect of gameplay but a specific, high-percentage shot that players can employ for returning a drop volley or a dink.

The principle behind BERT is simple yet essential. The ‘Bounce’ signifies waiting for the ball to bounce off the court surface before hitting. This differs from shots where players attempt to hit the ball pre-bounce or volley. The commitment to waiting for the bounce allows the player more time to plan and position themselves for an optimal return.

Then comes ‘Hit and Return’. Here, the emphasis is on stability and control rather than power or spin. The goal is to hit the ball conservatively, ensuring it returns to the opponent’s court and maintaining a strategic position in the game.

Mastering the BERT shot can significantly enhance a player’s defense and control in the game, often turning potential pressure situations into opportunities for gain.

What is a Bert and Ernie in pickleball? 

In the realm of pickleball terminology, “Bert and Ernie” refers to a specific tactical play based on players’ positioning on the court during doubles play. This term is used to describe a situation in which one player (Bert) stays at the baseline while the other player (Ernie) positions at the net or the no-volley zone.

What is a Bert and Ernie in pickleball

The strategy behind the “Bert and Ernie” play is to set up a significant offensive-defensive balance on court. Bert, staying at the baseline, can retrieve deep balls and defensive shots, while Ernie, positioned at the net, can aggressively play offensive shots, handle fast volleys, and be ready to put away any weak balls from the opponent.

This double strategy optimizes offensive pressure while maintaining defensive control. However, effective communication and coordination between partners are crucial for successfully employing this tactic.

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So, if you were wondering what is a bert in pickleball? A simple answer would be, a bert is a highly effective and strategic shot in the popular sport of pickleball. As a counterpart of the Erne shot, the Bert showcases the versatility and skill involved in pickleball, allowing players to enhance their game by mastering this move.

By practicing and implementing Berts at the right moment during a match, players and their partners can attain a strategic advantage over their opponents and increase their chances of success.

As pickleball continues to gain popularity globally, mastering these essential techniques—including the Bert—will elevate one’s game and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of this engaging sport.

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