What Paddle Does Julian Arnold Use? An Authentic Find

Pickleball is a game of finesse and precision, where the importance of equipment cannot be overstated.

The right paddle can significantly alter player performance, and Julian Arnold is a shining example of this.

But, do you even know what paddle does Julian Arnold use in his games?

Julian Arnold is renowned for his strength and technique in the sport of Pickleball, and his choice of paddle plays a pivotal role in his game.

What Paddle Does Julian Arnold Use

Arnold, known for his aggressive style of play, deftly balances power with precision. His spin-heavy attacks leave opponents breathless, while his quick blocks on the table show his acute sense of timing.

It’s these characteristics that make his choice of paddle crucial. The specifications of his paddle are as much a part of his playing style as his formidable backhand spin.

What Paddle Does Julian Arnold Use?

Julian Arnold’s choice of paddle is a secret that many aspiring Pickleball players would love to know. We reveal this secret today.

Julian wields a paddle from the prestigious brand, Tenergy. More specifically, he uses the Tenergy 05 Butterfly Ping Pong Paddle.

This paddle possesses characteristics that perfectly align with Arnold’s playing style. Weighing just right, it gives him the ability to strike with power yet maintain control.

The paddle is equipped with a 5-ply blade that contributes to its impressive speed and spin. It also utilizes the Spring Sponge Technology, offering excellent grip for topspins and sidespins – a significant aspect of Arnold’s playing style.

Key Features of the Paddle

Arnold’s choice, Tenergy 05 Butterfly paddle, stands out from the crowd due to its multiple exceptional features. It offers balance between speed and control, allowing players to maintain their offensive stance yet react quickly to incoming shots.

The rubber also offers high tension, which helps in spin-induced attacks and drives.

Key Features of the Paddle

This paddle’s standout feature is its Spring Sponge Technology. This unique technology provides a high grip surface that works wonders for topspins—something that Arnold utilizes in his powerful strikes.

Why Julian Arnold Chose This Paddle

It’s not by chance that Arnold chose the Tenergy 05 Butterfly Paddle. His paddle complements his swift, aggressive style and is tailored to get the most out of his spin-heavy game. Arnold has also made some custom modifications to the paddle.

He uses a flared handle for good grip during play, which serves him well in maintaining his quick, unexpected shots.

The Impact of the Paddle on Julian Arnold’s Performance

The Tenergy 05 Butterfly paddle is more than just a tool for Arnold—it’s part and parcel of his playing strategy. In key matches wherein every stroke could make a difference, Arnold’s paddle and his mastery of it became apparent.

He could adjust his strategy on the fly, delivering powerful serves and rapid-fire returns that left opponents stupefied.

Where to Buy Julian Arnold’s Paddle

You can purchase Tenergy 05 Butterfly Paddle from multiple outlets. It’s available online via Amazon and the official Butterfly website. The price may vary depending on your geographic location, but it generally ranges from $150 to $200.

Alternatives to Julian Arnold’s Paddle

While the Tenergy 05 Butterfly paddle is a great model, you must consider various factors before choosing your paddle. Other models like the Butterfly Timo Boll ALC, Stiga Pro Carbon, and Killerspin Jet 800 possess similar characteristics to Julian Arnold’s paddle and cater to similar playing styles.

Alternatives to Julian Arnold’s Paddle

Pro Tips

Choosing the right paddle is essential. While the Tenergy 05 Butterfly is an excellent choice for an aggressive, spin-heavy player like Arnold, it might not be the right fit for everyone.

Instead, players should focus on their style when selecting a paddle and ensure that it complements their strengths. It’s also crucial to maintain and clean your paddle regularly to keep it in top-notch condition.

Comparison Between Julian Arnold’s Paddle and Other Popular Paddle Brands

Julian Arnold’s Tenergy 05 Butterfly paddle sets a high standard, but how does it compare with other popular brands? The Stiga Pro Carbon, for instance, is known for its light weight and carbon technology, offering an excellent balance between speed and control.

However, its rubber provides a lower spin effect compared to the Tenergy 05. Another competitor, the Killerspin Jet 800, has excellent control and hefty weight, suitable for defensive players.

Nevertheless, its heaviness might not suit players who prefer Arnold’s fast and aggressive style. The Butterfly Timo Boll ALC model, composed of Arylate-Carbon fibers, maximizes speed and reduces vibration but comes at a higher cost compared to Tenergy 05.

Therefore, while other brands present worthy competition, Arnold’s Tenergy 05 Butterfly paddle stands out for its comprehensive balance of price, spin effect, and speed.

How Julian Arnold’s Paddle Influences His Serving Techniques

Julian Arnold’s paddle, the Tenergy 05 Butterfly, significantly influences his serving techniques through its unique characteristics.

The paddle’s Spring Sponge Technology and high-tension rubber allow Arnold to impart exceptional spin on the ball with remarkable control, making his serves unpredictable and difficult for opponents to return.

How Julian Arnold's Paddle Influences His Serving Techniques

The elasticity of the sponge combined with the grip of the rubber surface enables Arnold to execute a variety of serves, from deceptive backspins to powerful topspins. This flexibility in serving is crucial in setting the pace of the game, letting Arnold dominate rallies right from the serve.

The precise balance between spin, speed, and control offered by his paddle becomes a formidable asset in Arnold’s arsenal, allowing him to tailor his serves according to the match’s demands and his opponent’s weaknesses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can beginners use the same paddle as Julian Arnold?

Yes, beginners can use the same paddle. However, the significant focus should be on improving skills and techniques.

How often does Julian Arnold change his paddle?

Players frequently change their rubbers but retain the blade. Arnold usually changes his rubber every six months.

How does Julian Arnold’s paddle choice affect his spin and serve?

The Tenergy 05 Butterfly paddle features a rubber offering high tension, contributing to Arnold’s excellent spin and serve.


Choosing the right paddle goes beyond copying idolized players. Julian Arnold’s choice of the Tenergy 05 Butterfly paddle significantly affects his playing strategy and performance.

His paddle provides him with the perfect blend of speed, control, and spin to complement his aggressive playing style.

However, each player should consider their style when selecting the right paddle—true mastery isn’t about copying, but understanding and enhancing your unique strengths.

Engaging with Julian Arnold’s career further, one can gain a profound understanding of professional Pickleball, revealing how an athlete and his equipment can brilliantly work in tandem.

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